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About Align Professional Solutions

Align Professional Solutions was started with the purpose of offering accountants and bookkeepers a respite from their daily routines.  However, APS offers much more than that for those having a desire to grow their business but are hesitant because of the difficulties of finding and keeping qualified help.


Align Professional Solutions was formed to solve the problems of many Accounting Professional Business Owners. 

  • If you don’t want to pause your business growth

  • If you don’t want to stop accepting new clients

  • If you don’t want to feel overwhelmed

  • If you are having a hard time scaling your firm 

  • If you can't find the right team to help your firm

By utilizing APS, you can continue to grow your business by accepting new clients and allow us to perform all the work for you.  

Utilizing our service will free up valuable time so you can pursue the things you love doing and resolve a better work-life balance.  

Who knows, you may never want to retire with this model.

Client's Testimonial

"Working with Kristin and Align Professional Solutions has been nothing but an absolute pleasure. She is extremely supportive in all areas and always goes the extra mile. I feel completely taken care of and that my best interests are at heart as opposed to feeling like I'm just another number in some faceless organization.


I have been using her VIP services for almost a year and love every service that has been available to me. She and her team, work as a member of my team and speak directly to my clients which takes work off my plate. My clients are all 110% satisfied with the bookkeeping services they receive from us which of course is a direct causation of Kristin and Align. All their work is always flawless and completed in a very timely manner. 


I also go to her anytime I need to quote a potential client which has been a huge help as well and takes the guessing work out of it. Plus, she always gives me a boost of confidence because I'm not the best at sales. I've also used her Sales Closer services which I found very helpful. If you're not great at sales and/or don't always have time to do your sales calls, then that's a great feature. I was able to land one of my larger clients because of it. 


Their customer service is amazing!  As I said Kristin is always very supportive. I know that she genuinely cares about me, my business, and all my clients. That's very important to me. She always responds very quickly too. I've been nothing but happy and fully satisfied with her and her pricing. I recommend her to absolutely everyone because she is so amazing and is also a one-stop shop. Even if you don't need all the services I use, you can pick and choose. She literally has something for any Bookkeeping firm. 


I recommend stopping trying to do everything yourself because Align Professional Services has made it so that I can take so much time off my plate that I can just focus on growing my business and keeping my clients happy! Otherwise, I'd be spending all my time doing the day-to-day work whereas now I can grow my business tenfold because of all the freedom of time I have. I'd also much rather outsource to her than go through the grueling process of hiring and managing my own employees. 


She has put together the perfect system! Don't think about it, go for it! Seriously I can't recommend Align Professional Solutions more."


-- Shirin F, Bookkeeping Firm Owner.

My name is Kristin Kirui-Case and my Team, and I help Bookkeepers and Accountants – just like you – escape the overwhelm and get back in the driver’s seat of your business. 

I have always had a passion for the Financial Industry and Education. And almost a decade ago I started MattNik Bookkeeping and Tax Solutions. 

Then, when I felt the need to help other Accounting Professionals succeed in their business by solving some of their staffing and work issues, I decided to solve the problem for them and create a reliable outsourced accounting firm and Align Professional Solutions was formed.

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